Pelvic Floor, Wellness, and Lymphedema Therapy

Interested in a free discovery visit where you can tell your story and see if PT is right for you? We can meet over phone or video chat to discuss your impairments and make a plan for therapy that will work with your life and your schedule.

What We Treat

Side effects of cancer treatments

Bladder, bowel, sexual dysfunctions

Swelling and lymphedema

Personal Wellness Physical Therapy specializes in manual therapy to treat several different under-represented conditions that millions of people suffer with daily.

Dr. Katie B is a highly skilled, specifically trained, and licensed physical therapist serving the Arizona East Valley.

Patient Testimonial:

Before going to see Katie, I had so much vaginal scarring, I could not even fully insert the smallest sized tampon. I went to PT very skeptical of its ability to make any changes for me, because I had been dilating for years with absolutely no progression. Katie was very understanding of my unique situation and we set realistic expectations of what we thought PT could achieve for me. After months of work, we had made progress but somewhat plateaued. I was content with the progress because my periods were now flowing regularly and I could mostly use a tampon. However, Katie was relentless. Every time I went she had a new idea or new method to try. She was creative, willing to think outside the box and willing to consult with other physicians. Eventually she had me consult with a doctor who performed a surgery that then was followed up with rigorous PT with Katie. The surgery was miraculous but the results would have been fleeting had I not had the consistent support from Katie to help my recovery and to direct my at home PT regimen. As a result of PT, I have what is the closest my body will come to a normal vagina. My experience with physical therapy was life changing in a very physical way, but I am just as happy and grateful for the change it was able to have on my emotional health and the way it improved my self esteem to have an end result so much better than I expected.

The thing about working with Katie is that she is going to meet you where you are that day. Some days I would go in and say “I don’t feel too well today” or “I feel kind of discouraged” and she would immediately adjust what she had planned. Other days I would be more positive and she would help encourage me to try something new or be more aggressive in one of my treatments. She will push you and encourage you to be tough, which is what you need to make the kind of progress I did, but she does it in a way that makes you feel you are capable of doing it, which is also what I needed. I could always tell Katie really loved what she does. She was always researching and thinking of ways to get better results, which made me feel she really cared.

10/10 would absolutely recommend!